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Tóm tắt

Higher education accreditation in the United States was established in the early years of the twentieth century, then many countries learned from its experience. Therefore, the study of an accrediting model is attractive  in order to develop an accreditation model for higher education in Vietnam, due to its scientific significance and practicality. This study analyzes the formation and development of the United States higher education accrediting system, especially the determination of a stable and sustainable higher education accrediting model that determine the quality of higher education in United States, thereby drawing experiences for building an accreditation model for higher education in Vietnam. Accreditation is an inevitable trend within the larger trend of university autonomy in Vietnam, in which the choice of using the accreditation model determines the effectiveness of accreditation.

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Phạm , T. H., Nguyễn , T. B. N., & Lê , H. T. (2022). Kiểm định chất lượng giáo dục đại học tại Hoa Kỳ và một số đề xuất. Tạp Chí Giáo dục, 22(10), 54–58. Truy vấn từ


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